Milwaukee Orthopaedic Society

A Professional Society for Orthopaedic Surgeons in Southeastern Wisconsin

History of the Milwaukee Orthopaedic Society

"Milwaukee Orthopaedic Club"

The Milwaukee Orthopaedic Society was started in the 1950s by a group of orthopedic surgeons in and around Southeastern Wisconsin. The purpose of the group (originally called the "Milwaukee Orthopaedic Club") was to provide a forum for orthopaedic surgeons from outside the city of Milwaukee to present tough cases in order to get help and advice. The major orthopaedic surgeons practicing at this time in the Milwaukee area were:
  • Walter Putnam Blount
  • Albert Charles Schmidt
  • Frederick Julius Gaenslen (one of the seven original founders of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons in 1931)
  • Ansfield
  • Joseph R. Stone
  • Louis Kagen
  • John O'D McCabe
  • Paul Collopy
  • Robert Cassidy
  • Owen E. Miller
  • Bruce J. Brewer
  • Alfred Kritter
  • Peter L. Carnesale
  • Paul A. Jacobs
Dr. Walter P. Blount, a world-renowned orthopaedic surgeon who practiced in Milwaukee, did not come to these meetings since he "did not want to stifle the conversation as no one would argue against him."

Change to a Society

In the 1960s the group began to hold regular meetings with scheduled educational topics. Under the leadership of Dr. Paul A. Jacobs the name was changed to the "Milwaukee Orthopaedic Society," to reflect the growth in the orthopaedic community, as well as the level of organization the club had subsequently achieved. The Society also took trips every year or every other year to other orthopaedic centers to meet with and learn from prominent orthopaedic surgeons of the day. As the orthopaedic community in Southeastern Wisconsin grew, so did the membership of the Milwaukee Orthopaedic Society. The MOS began dedicating one of their meetings annually to case presentations by the senior residents of the MCW Orthopaedic Surgery Residency Program. This annual tradition became a forum for discussing unusual or interesting cases. Residents present their interesting case, and then field questions from the audience of experienced surgeons. This meeting, while also educational, would also serve to expose residents to potential future partners.

The Society Today

The Milwaukee Orthopaedic Society still holds 3-4 meetings per year with guest speakers, as well as the very popular Senior Resident Case Presentation Evening. The Society is still dedicated to providing a forum for orthopaedic surgeons practicing in the Southeastern Wisconsin.


Many thanks Dr. Paul A. Jacobs, Nancie Maas, and Dr. Jeffrey Schwab for their help in compiling this mostly anecdotal history of the Milwaukee Orthopedic Society.

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